The key to becoming a plant person? Finding ones that truly fit your personality — even if you haven’t exactly been much of a green thumb in the past. Since your zodiac sign can inform what your personality is like, we paired different houseplants to each sign so you can find the perfect one for you — or at least, one you can identify with!

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Aquarius: Rex Begonia

As an Aquarius, you tend to be more of an ambivert — sometimes you’re shy and quiet, sometimes you lean more eccentric and energetic. A plant like Rex Begonia just gets you, with its uniquely shaped and colorful-but-not-too-bright foliage. It’s attention-grabbing, but still subtle.

Pisces: Spider Plant

Pisces are best known for being unselfish, quiet empaths. They’re also easygoing people who accept whatever comes their way. That’s why spider plants are perfect for you — they’re super low-maintenance and adaptable, so they’ll thrive even in the darkest corners of your apartment.

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