If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: kitchen counter space is valuable real estate. That’s why everyone in Finland— and on Amazon, apparently — is obsessed with this genius dish drying method a.k.a. the Finnish cleaning method.

Basically, instead of having shelves inside the cabinets above your sink, there are slotted dish racks. That means you can put wet dishes away and let them drip dry straight into the sink, eliminating the annoying task of drying dishes by hand. In Finland, this contraption is called astiankuivauskaappi, which according to Google Translate, is a compound word for dish (astian), dry (kuivaus) and cabinet (kaappi). This is what one of the Finnish cabinets looks like in action:

This concept is basically made for small kitchens since it eliminates the need for drying racks, ultimately saving tons of precious counter space. Since many American kitchens haven’t (yet) adopted this game-changing cabinet construction, there are several over-the-sink options that you can buy right on Amazon — no kitchen remodel necessary.

With nearly 700 reviews and a near-perfect five-star rating on Amazon, the NEX dish rack is clearly the best way to give this trend a try. This stainless steel organizer fits perfectly over most double sinks, and comes in double or single shelf options depending on your storage needs. Even better than the Finnish version, this easy-to-assemble drying rack has hooks to hold utensils, pots, and pans along with side pockets sized to fit cutting boards, chopsticks, and even your go-to reusable straws. That means you can dry anything — plates, pots, cups, and so on — in one spot.

Most of the comments on Amazon look something like this reviewer’s: “It holds all of my dishes. It’s sturdy and was easy to put together. This was the best $70 I’ve spent in a long time. Everybody that comes over as amazed as they look and point at it.” Another Amazon shopper loved this space-saving organizer so much, they became a walking spokesperson for it — but, really: “My wife loves this thing so much she will stop people in the the store that are buying dish drainers and tell them about this one.”

An added bonus: Because this organizer is out in the open, it’s less susceptible to mold. The Finnish version, which is often tucked away in a cabinet, can become a breeding ground for mold if the doors aren’t left open. So, Amazon for the win? We vote yes.

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