There’s something about biting into a ripe, juicy tomato that just feels like summer. Chances are, tomatoes star in your home garden—but the weeks it takes for a seedling to sprout can feel like forever. Luckily, blogger Ananda A Piece of Rainbow has the perfect solution: If you already have a tomato plant, you can root it to propagate new plants in as little as one week.

What exactly is rooting? The key to this trick is finding side shoots (a.k.a “suckers”) from your existing tomato plant, then making sure you aren’t cutting from the main stem. Many farmers suggest pruning these shoots first, which makes them easier to cut off.

Once you’ve cut the shoots off, put them in a vase of water. Leave the vase in a sunny spot (like a windowsill) for about a week, and you’ll soon see roots start to grow.

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