Turn your small and dull balcony into the most favorite part of your urban home. Here’re the 5 things to do with a balcony!

1. Create a Balcony Garden

There is no better way to use your only outdoor space than creating a BALCONY GARDEN. You can create an edible garden on your balcony and grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and also a few fruiting plants or make an ornamental garden and plant your favorite flowers. The possibilities are endless, look at our Balcony Gardening page here to find out informative posts!

2. Outdoor Dining Area

Your small balcony is a nice private space (and if not, learn how to improve the privacy of your balcony here), where you can save yourself from the prying eyes of neighbors. So, why not create a nice and cozy outdoor dining area there? Check out the tutorial video herewith the step by step instructions.

3. A Balcony Bar

That’s another way to make use of your balcony. Create a mini bar there, so that you can enjoy your evenings with your friends and have a chit-chat. For this, install a countertop, following the tutorial here and put a couple of folding bar stools. If you like, place a refrigerator as well and install a few shelves to arrange glasses and bottles.

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